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Hoo Rag in the kitchen – product review

I was minding my business one day and out of the blue I received an email from a representative at Hoo Rag.  She cheerfully explained that they had created a new line of headgear and were approaching people who might have an interest in them.  Well naturally I was interested so I happily agreed. My Hoo Rags came in the mail today and were perfect as both were themed around cooking.  I have to admit that I w ...

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Best Italian Cookbook Reviews

I've begun to create some recommended cookbooks on Amazon using their listmania feature.  It's a great way to get a sampling of different cooking styles, chefs, and recipes. The first one I created was on "Best Italian cookbooks" and features celebrity chefs such as Batali, De Laurentiis, and yours truly.  :) You can view it here: Best Italian Cookbooks   ...

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Restaurant Review – Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

Summary: Really great! Rating: 5 Date of Visit: May 22, 2012 I received notice on FaceBook that Broxie's grand opening was today.  I'd heard lots of really great things from people who visited their Brea and Orange stores.  Immediately I knew what dinner would be for this evening. The layout of the restaurant is very modern and airy.  They have roll up garage door which brings a nice breeze through the rest ...

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Food Truck Review – Flavor Rush

Summary: WOW! Rating: 5 Date of Visit: May 9, 2012 I had spent several hours in the morning preparing gumbo for an event so the last thing I wanted to do for lunch was spend more time in the kitchen. I happened to be in Irvine and a quick check of my phone revealed a Food Truck Roundup at the corner of Michelson & Teller. I had tried to locate this roundup a few weeks ago but came up empty. This time I ...

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