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Food Truck Review – Flavor Rush

Flavor Rush Food Truck

Summary: WOW!

Rating: 5

Date of Visit: May 9, 2012

I had spent several hours in the morning preparing gumbo for an event so the last thing I wanted to do for lunch was spend more time in the kitchen. I happened to be in Irvine and a quick check of my phone revealed a Food Truck Roundup at the corner of Michelson & Teller. I had tried to locate this roundup a few weeks ago but came up empty. This time I was more determined and found the location in an empty parking lot across the street from a large medical manufacturer.

I decided to check out Flavor Rush’s truck. The truck itself was unassuming and I almost skipped it but their menu caught my eye. They were offering a Menage of Chocolate Truffles which stopped me dead in my tracks. The menage consisted of cocoa powder, bacon, and cayenne pepper truffles. I was hooked and had to give it a try.

The owner Alex (short for Alexandra) was very cheerful and promptly took my order. Because they had a minimum credit card charge I also added their Spicy Shrimp Tacos la Diabla to my order. Wow! I’ve never been so thankful for a minimum credit card charge before in my life! In talking with Alex I discovered that Ted (her husband) was formally trained at a prestigious French culinary school in New York… which is obvious when you try the food.

Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Flavor Rush Spicy Shrimp Tacos

The Flavor Rush truck lives up to it’s name without a doubt! While the plating looks a bit light on substance it’s an illusion. The flavors in the spicy shrimp tacos were absolutely amazing and packed quite a bit of heat. I was very pleased with the dish and is definitely one you need to try. I had to wait 5 minutes after finishing the tacos to let my palette rest!

Menage of Chocolate Truffles

Flavor Rush Menage of Chocolate Truffles

I began with the bacon truffle and was pleasantly surprised. The pairing sounded weird but really worked well and was very good. The other truffles were equally tasty and definitely something you need to check out. It’s important to know that the truffles are usually in limited quantities so when it’s on the menu scoop them up immediately so you don’t miss out.

My heartfelt recommendation is go out of your way to visit one of Flavor Rush destinations at your first opportunity. You will not be disappointed!

Flavor Rush Truck

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