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Restaurant Review – Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

Broxie 92688

Summary: Really great!

Rating: 5

Date of Visit: May 22, 2012

I received notice on FaceBook that Broxie’s grand opening was today.  I’d heard lots of really great things from people who visited their Brea and Orange stores.  Immediately I knew what dinner would be for this evening.

The layout of the restaurant is very modern and airy.  They have roll up garage door which brings a nice breeze through the restaurant.  They also have a covered veranda which significantly increases seating from the previous occupant.

The menu has many tasty options available depending on your mood.  If your looking for a gourmet meal then check out the savory side of the menu.  If on the other hand your sweet tooth is beckoning, then feast your eyes on the sweet section making sure not to miss the Belgium originals.  They also have a nice sampling of sides, non-alcoholic drinks and some additional sweet temptations.

I picked the turkey club based on the recommendation of one of the staff… heavenly!  It was a perfect combination of texture, and flavor.  The pesto aioli was amazing and perfectly complemented the turkey, gruyere cheese, avocado and applewood bacon.  I believe they use Boar’s Head meats which are great just by themselves.

For dessert the liege waffle sundae is incredible!  I’m going to make a second trip very soon just to try the chocolate filled liege by itself.

Normally I’d have a picture for you… but frankly I was so busy enjoying the food that I completely forgot!   Have no fear, my daughter wasn’t able to finish her seasonal creme brulee so I could get at least one food photo.

Bruxie - seasonal creme brulee

I met two of the managers who were very pleasant and friendly.  They obviously knew their menu inside & out and were extremely helpful in helping us make our dessert selections.  A little known secret for patrons of the store:  Once you have been served the first time, simply ask any of the employees who will gladly take your order and save you the hassle of going through the line a second time.  Score!

One final note:  they take the time necessary to plate the food in the most appealing way.  We sat for a few moments and just gazed fondly at the liege waffle sundae before diving headlong into it.

You definitely need to make a stop at Bruxie at your first opportunity.  The menu is extensive enough that it will take many visits before you’ve sampled all of their tasty morsels.

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

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