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Lemon Orzo Chicken Vegetable Soup

With the change of the weather my thoughts and menu turns towards soups, stews, and chilies.  This recipe is inspired by the lemon chicken soup served at Daphne's Greek restaurants.  A fragrant slice of sourdough bread would perfectly complete this meal. Print Lemon Orzo Chicken Vegetable Soup Author: Bryan Bowers Recipe type: Souops Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  3 hours 30 mins Total ...

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Get More Juice From Your Citrus Fruits

When a recipe calls for the juice of lemons, limes or oranges, make sure you get every last drop by first rolling the fruit under your palm on a hard surface. Press down as hard as you can as you roll. Then simply slice it in half and squeeze. You’ll find you get significantly more juice to add lots of flavor to your dish. ...

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