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The Trick For A Juicer Roast

How to make a juicy roast

To keep all of the natural juices inside your roast, sear it on all sides in a hot skillet with a little vegetable oil before putting it in the roasting pan. A few seconds per side is all it takes since the point is not to cook the meat but rather to toughen up the outside so that the juices don’t flow out while it’s cooking. Then be sure to use a shallow roaster to retain more of the moisture. Uncover the meat halfway through roasting in order to avoid a steamed appearance and to get the top of your roast browned.

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  • Steven Kesler

    Contrary to what people have said for years, searing meat does not “lock in” juices – just take a look at any pan fried steak after you flip it: juices will begin to pool on the top of the steak. Moisture in cooked meat is dependent on the temperature of the cooked meat, as meat will give up water as the temperature is raised. The reason meat is seared is for the Maillard reaction or browning of the meat, which produces delicious flavour.


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