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Why Shouldn’t You Salt Meat Before Cooking?

Should you salt meat before cooking?

One of the biggest faux pas when it comes to cooking meat is to salt it prior to cooking. What the salt actually does is draws the juices out and impedes the browning of the meat. Instead, add salt once the meat is already half cooked. Then taste it when it’s done and if more salt is needed you can add it then. The result is juicy, tasty meat that doesn’t contain more salt then it needs!

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  • Steven Kesler

    I regularly salt my meat before cooking. If you choose to salt your meat before cooking, salt it just before cooking or about 45 minutes before cooking. When you salt your meat 45 minutes prior to cooking, the salt draws moisture out of the meat, which mixes with the salt, and is eventually drawn back into the meat. If you don’t have enough forethought to pull your meat out 45 minutes before cooking (sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t), then dry your meat thoroughly with kitchen paper and season with salt just before placing on the grill or in the pan.


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